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Easy check-up your car engine, saving more gas, and enjoy your every drive. With easy-to-install device.

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Meet Drivebot - Your smart driving assistant

Drivebot is a gadget that helps checking your car engine, saving more gas, and making your every drive more enjoyable.

No tools required. Just plug Drivebot into your car’s data port below the steering wheel. Your car will automatically connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth whenever your drive. It’s that easy!

This data port is available in every gasoline engine car sold since 1996.

Just drive, we do the rest.

Explore how Drivebot enhances your driving experience.

Keep your car in a good shape, effortlessly.

Drivebot helps check-up your car's health, alert when there's a problem, and remind you when to get a scheduled car check-up. All in just a few seconds.

Drivebot love your car as you do.

Drivebot will help you find your car when you lost it.

Also, Drivebot is smart enough to know whether you're parking in outdoor or indoor, or even your own places. When you parked in the building, Drivebot will let you memo the parking lot number and signs, while automatically save the location if it's an outdoor.

Moreover, Drivebot automatically searches for nearby places when needed, like a gas station when fuel is running low.

Learn your every drive. Save more money.

No matter what your driving style are. Drivebot will learn from your everyday's drive and give a valuable feedback.

With good metrics, you can continuously improve your driving habits, and become a better driver.

We're working insanely hard to ship Drivebot into your hands as soon as possible!
We'll keep update the progress, and you will be the first to drive smart!

Driving from behind with great passion.

We’re a team based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello from Beam, Fair, Kamin, Noly, and Natt.

We are 5 fellow engineers with different expertise but working on the same mission;

To deliver rewardingly driving experience through well-designed/engineered products with both functional and magical.