Fitbit For Car

Instead of monitoring your health, it monitors your car.

Drivebot is a device and mobile application that helps the car owner, even the car-clueless, to save money and drive safer.

Explore how Drivebot can help you.

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Say Hi to Drivebot

Your smart driving assistant.

Drivebot is super easy to set up and available to every car sold since 1996.

1) Plug the device into a port under the steering wheel.

2) Connect Drivebot to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

3) It’s done!

Just drive, we do the rest.

Explore Drivebot's main features

1. Diagnose your car problems

When a problem arises, Drivebot will alert you instantly — along with a suggestion on how to deal with it in understandable terms.

2. Remind when to go for scheduled car check-up

Drivebot will reminds you when the mileage is reached or the time comes to have a car check-up.

3. Learn your drive, suggest to save your money

You can view all infos about your trips. With valuable feedbacks, you will know how to drive better, leading to big saving on gas and safer driving.

Know your car problems instantly, it's easy even for the car-clueless.

It costs less than $100 to fix a minor problem before it become a more serious one, which will cost more than $1000.

In the old way, you have to regularly check your car. It takes tons of time, effort, and technical knowledge. Thanks to Drivebot, now it's easier than ever.

Catch problems early with Easy Check-Up

You don't have to be a gearhead to understands and knows how to deal with the problem when it raises.

Never forget again with Maintenance Reminders

Drivebot keeps track of your car mileage and estimates the next maintenance schedule.

Save more money and be safer with Driving log.

Traditional way like jotting your weekly gas expense is not so helpful. It only tells you how much you spend on gas, and that's all.

Trip Log with smart suggestion

With good dashboard, you can answer that...

  • Do I drive fuel-efficiently.
  • Which routes save more time.
  • What time of day has the least car traffic.
  • And more...

Moreover, Drivebot will suggests what to improve to save time and fuel.

Frequency Asked Questions

Is it secure? How could I know that Drivebot won't void the car warranty?

Completely yes! Drivebot only pulls data from your car’s computer, not writes into it. It’s the same process as when the mechanics diagnose your car problems.

I have never seen this OBD-II port on my car, how do I know my car has one?

Drivebot device plugs directly into your car’s computer, into the OBD-II(On Board Diagnostic-II) port, which is available in most cars sold since 1996. However, some cars’s computer may not support some Drivebot’s features, which are rare cases.

Is the data shown in the app accurate?

Yes. Drivebot access to the engine alert codes in your own car’s computer which are usually pulled by mechanics when you go to the repair shop. So, you can ensure that the data shown in the app is accurate.

Driving from behind
with great passion.

We’re a team based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello from Beam, Fair, Kamin, Noly, and Natt.

We are 5 fellow engineers with different expertise but working on the same mission;

To deliver rewardingly driving experience through well-designed/engineered products with both functional and magical.

Great vision never been driven alone. If you have any suggestions or want to helps us in any possible way. Please write to us at